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  • Reveal the Unconscious Creative part of yourself to find your voice and spread the message of power.
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  • Get the Proven Strategies to translate your coaching dream into business reality.

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What ladies who have read my book are saying?

  • “I enjoyed Anna’s book so much! Now I feel the most inspired I’ve ever been. It was a good wake up call for me, and now, based on her example, I know that everything in life is achievable, no limits at all, they are only in our head. Now I can’t even sometimes sleep well - how excited I am, and don’t want to waste any minute of my life, just only looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities! Her example of being very strong person adds me confidence, that I can do the same as she did! Thank you so much! " ~ Julia Voronkova, Toronto, Canada
  • "Even though I’ve read other books about personal development I found Anna’s to be in a league of its own. The story of how she overcame so many challenges to achieve her dreams is truly inspirational. But more than that, the insights she shares and the examples she uses to illustrate her teachings really helped me see how I could apply her strategies in my life too. The exercises were useful to help me stay focused and gradually start to create positive change. Thank you Anna for being a powerful advocate for going after my dreams!” ~ Tanya Smith-Lorenz, Wales, UK

I was born in a small Ukrainian village in a poor family. Imagine growing up in a house with no running water, cold or hot.

Imagine having to go to the well and carry water in buckets for cooking or washing purposes.

Imagine having to go outside to the toilet, no matter rain, snow or hail.

My parents didn’t always have money to buy food. A childhood full of hardships, deep poverty and pain made me motivated to change my life. 

I knew, I was destined for more than just mere survival. I could be, do and have so much more. I had that crazy idea of coming to the USA, which was an equivalent of flying to space back in the day in my country and especially for my family. 

My family ridiculed my “insanity”. 

A long story short, I managed to come to the USA on my own and create the life of my dreams. 

Although I no longer live  in the USA, as I got married to the man of my dreams ( my other dream checked) and we live in a beautiful English country side, I am an American citizen and frequently travel to the States for work and pleasure.

  • “It’s phenomenal to see how far you can go when you become intentional about designing your life rather than letting it happen to you. This book will help you realize the importance of having a vision for your ideal life. Anna’s journey will inspire you to think and dream bigger! Anna, you amaze me, my friend!” ~ Allison Liddle, Wisconsin, USA

I know from experience if someone like me, a simple girl with no special talents, can create her life by design, you can achieve your dreams. 

You want more freedom, more money, the ability to travel, do what you love and get paid for it?  You can have it. 

Get my book to find out how. Not only will you get inspired by my journey to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, but it will also give you a roadmap with the strategies and steps for you to take to achieve your dream. Just let me know where I can send the copy of my book.

  • “Anna inspired me to strengthen my self-belief and my vision of what I want, and now it is time to revisualise my future. I usually give books to the charity shop once I have read them but with Anna's I want to read a few times. Anna's energy is infectious and she reminds me a lot of my younger self and helps me reconnect with my inner youthful, strong and capable woman. It was one of the books written by a woman I could relate to. ~ Michelle A Whaite, England, UK

So, what’s in Create The Life You Dream  About and how it can help you get clear on your own message?

Here’s a tiny taster of what’s you’ll discover in the book which will give you a ton of ideas to implement in your business…

  • You Are The Creator: Do you wonder if your background or your past life experiences are holding you back? Don’t let the belief that ‘your situation is different’ stop you from recognising that you have all the resources you need to succeed. You just need to know how to unlock them, and in Chapter 1 I show you how.
  • Understand The Life Force Within You: The Universe doesn’t give you what you want; it gives you who you are. In Chapter 2 you’ll discover how to tap into the power you already have within, how to embrace the fact that your story is your glory, and how to give yourself the power of self-knowledge to take the foundational steps on your journey of change.
  • Get Clear On Your Dream: Without clarity you can never hope to have a better life. You might still be struggling to get clear on what you want, yet it’s not enough to say “follow your passion.” The moment you understand the 3 different stages of passion (which I share in Chapter 3) you’ll see how easy it is to get crystal clear on what you truly want in life. Create your own powerful and persuasive message that gets people to buy.
  • Who Can Make Your Dream A Reality?: Only you. And that’s a good thing. We are all unique and have gifts to bring to the world – even though they might feel like diamonds in the rough right now. In Chapter 4 you’ll learn how to show up powerfully with a habit of being and doing your best and you’ll quickly see how attractive you become to new opportunities, connections and your ideal clients. The path to awakening and sharing your genius with the world.
  • Find The Meaning Of Your Life: When you can discover and create meaning in your life, live with fulfilment, and be the best you can be fully aligned with your passions, vision, and purpose, you have the keys to living a life of significance - which is fundamental to our wellbeing. In Chapter 5 I share the mindset shifts for positive transformation from deep inside yourself, and how to create your legacy in life.
  • The Secrets Of Successful Self Development: In Chapter 6 I share your two most powerful attributes you can tap into to be more successful on your path of increasing your self-confidence. These counter-intuitive steps are your secret weapons to overcome self-doubt and negative habits any time you choose, and will quickly become your go-to qualities for success.
  • Your Mind Holds The Keys To Success: Your thoughts, feelings and actions are responsible for every result you have in your life. Once you understand how your attitude and your mind work together to support (or hinder) your dream, which I reveal in Chapter 7, you’ll have the tools to bring conscious understanding and more importantly, powerful change, to create an impact.
  • The Power Of Having Winner’s Qualities: The final piece of the puzzle to create your dream life is arguably the most important. It’s what separates the wannabe’s from the can do’s. In this Chapter, I share some of my most hard-won insights…the failures and set-backs I suffered, and how I used them to spur me on to achieve my dream, with greater determination and persistence. I show you how to stay focused, and have joy in your life on your success journey, and how you DO have what it takes to create the life and business your dream about!
  • “I woke up at 3am and started reading your book, hoping it will relax me and I will fall back asleep. But I couldn’t put it down till I finished it in the morning. While reading your book I frequently got up walking around because your words stimulated me with such an energy to think that I simply couldn't stay in bed but had to move. Then I stopped walking to take out my IPad and started to file the ideas that your words awoke in me. Then I went back to your book and restarting this cycle of reading-walking- taking notes over and over again through the night. You inspired me to believe that our minds truly have creative power and you gave me the tools how to use it. Your book with so much of yourself in it, your thoughts, your struggles, your physical and mental growth journey was energising me. I could catch something from your mind. It was a lightening source of new ideas and thoughts I can build on for my personal growing and my purpose in life. Thank you so much for sharing with me, Anna." ~ Jessica Hazewinkel, Italy