How to express your unique messaging to connect and convert your ideal clients

Discover how to differentiate yourself on the market with the help of strategic storytelling methods.

So you can get paid for being you.

This is for you if:

  • You feel you’ve got genius inside ready to burst from the deep place of inspiration but you find it difficult to put in the right words in a compelling shape or form that will grow its legs…
  • You want to clearly and effortlessly express your brand message that reflects your value in a remarkable way but you stall every time to try…
  • You want to discover how to share your message reflecting your genius that will trigger people’s buying decisions…
  • You become overwhelmed with the marketing tools and tactics, but you don't really know how to express tangible and intangible value of your offer to trigger people's desires..

If so, your day is about to get better

Here is the thing:

  • You understand the power of story can massively increase your business results and get more coaching clients.
  • You have heard stories can help you position your value in unique way.
  • You have a great message to share to truly transform people’s lives.


The problem is how to articulate it in a way that will connect with people’s hearts and open their wallets.

  • Where do you start?
  • What do you share?
  • How do you express the ideas that will stir people’s souls, capture their minds and compel their behaviour?

I know you have something to say.

But it is not enough.

You must have something to say that people would want to hear and be willing to pay for.

What is the problem?

Right now, the market is extremely saturated, so in order to stand out, you must be different, unique, and use a creative approach to share your transformational message. ( it is easier than you might think, if you have the right system)

So, you can't be using cringeworthy coaching jargon, like "change your thoughts - change your life", "everything great is outside of comfort zone", "embrace change", "SMART goals", "discover your purpose", "unlimited potential", etc.

Which is so overused and time-worn. And it doesn't get any traction.

There is a better way to start attracting crave-worthy clients and enjoy your soul-aligned coaching/consulting business. I have a proven solution, which I am about to disclose.

It begins with articulating your message reflecting your genius and meeting the market need.

Why stories?

We all love a great story that awakens something within us, inspiring a new possible. Often we don’t realise how we make a buying decision because we resonate with the voice, the promise, the narrative. 

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes?

How do the masterful story tellers capture your imagination, awaken your desire and compel your behaviour? When you don’t even realise you are being sold to? 

What’s the mechanism behind that creates an ethical and effortless selling? 

Who am I and why should you care?

Hi, my name is Anna Simpson. Coming from poverty in Ukraine to the USA and building the life of my dreams on my own, overcoming multiple challenges I wanted to inspire people with my message when I discovered my passion for public speaking. 

I called myself a motivational speaker, sharing my story from poverty to opportunities anywhere they would have me.

I was getting compliments for my speeches. But I wasn’t getting paid, which was a major source of my frustration. 

I was winning speaking awards and contests, I was doing a lot of free coaching, and I was broke. I was too generic in my message and deep inside I didn’t believe I was good enough for people to pay for my expertise. 

Until I figured out what I needed to change in my approach to make money in the coaching and speaking industry. The change didn’t happen overnight, but in the process of becoming, I have figured out the breakthrough formula to clarify my story and message that people would be willing to pay for.

I help influencers get crystal clarity on their message and confidence in their voice to make a remarkable impact in their field of expertise.

Story and the ability to express it in the right way. 

  • You transition from ambiguity to crystal clarity in your message!
  • By tapping into what is special and unique about you
  • So you can stop making noise
  • And start creating an extraordinary impact
  • Getting paid for being you and doing what you love! 


  • Being able to spark imagination, tap into your audience’s deep desires, show your distinct voice so you can create a massive impact, followed by a massive income.

  • Being able to masterfully share a story that positions a perfect win-win situation of your unique value, allowing you to grow your business exponentially.
  • Being able to naturally and organically attract the right audience who are happy to pay you premium prices for your products and services.
  • Being able to naturally connect and convert your favourite clients who deeply resonate with your message and voice

The difference between the elite level of coaching influencers and wannabes is the ability to share a story that sells. 

You don't need to write a novel or a beautiful creative literary project that will only collect the virtual dust. 

You don’t need to have an academic degree or a literary talent.

You don’t need to be a great writer.

You just need to discover how to share your story that engages, compels and converts.

With the right methodology, you can merge your brand story with a massive market need. 


From Story to Profit

Discover how to monetise your message by transforming other with your genius.

You can turn your past into your biggest platform

To transform your story into business

By masterfully integrating

So you can powerfully influence people's lives, creating a tangible transformation.

And it is attainable only through From Story to Profit Program. (Investment £297)

I am ready 

Start Getting Clients Fast

Use the proven framework to discover, articulate and share your message and story

  • crystalise the what, how and who of a story in a way that inspires your favourite clients. 
  • shift from randomly drifting to intentionally advancing to clearly express your story
  • step from conflict to alignment in content creation
  • improve your self-narrative and articulate your stories in the right way that brings you money
  • discover how to create curiosity about your message 
  • express complex ideas in irresistibly simple ways, allowing your clients truly see the power of what you do
  • step into your power and earn what you truly deserve 
  • build the business that is an extension of you

What will it mean to you to

  • Find and express your voice and significant message.
  • Be seen and valued by the people you try to reach.
  • Own your true value.
  • Bring your whole self to life and business, allowing flow to create your desired results.
  • Shine in your power and command your market space.
  • Understand and build the four pillars of your robust positioning: The what? The who? The why? The how?
  • Get paid for being you

Discover the ways that get you clients

Like they did for Lisa and Cherisa

What's Inside the Program?


Express Your Genius™

Discover the strategies to recognise and articulate your unique voice by unpacking the elements of your unique genius (legitimate wisdom you have lived) to be expressed in your core message. Learn to position your unique self that people feel drawn to. 


Articulate Your Story™

Understand the aspects and layers of narrative. Learn to share personal stories in your business. Use 3 Fold Storytelling Formula to bring your more paying coaching clients. Get inspired by a live demonstration of incorporating a storytelling formula in an actual story that sells.


Monetise Your Value™

Clarify what people want. Discover how to articulate their pain, problems and desires in order to pull their emotional and buying triggers. Learn how to create interest and curiosity around your message. 


Clearly Express Your Promise

Learn how to communicate tangible and intangible results your offer will bring your clients. Implement strategies to ignite your copy, give it depth, texture and a compelling clarity. Learn how to get the right words that ignite desire. 


Craft Your Signature Talk™

Discover the structure of clarifying and organising your thoughts, ideas and insights wrapped around stories. Learn to craft your brand story, keynote, presentation, webinar or a signature program.

Forget "Ego" marketing. Start making an impact

We're bombarded with ego-driven marketing messages every day.

In the "war for attention", the worst thing you can do is sound aggressive and pushy. 👇

“I’ll teach you how to make millions in the next 12 months in just 5 days of coaching”

“Get from zero to 60K launch in the next 30 days.”

“Bullet-proof strategy to create a six-figure business within weeks.” 

These ridiculous ‘pie in the sky’ promises might seduce the gullible… but a thinking person sees straight through the facade…

Because they know it’s not how it works.

This is the marketing people have done for the past 50 years: based on false promises and ego.

The truth is ego-driven marketing cannot give you long-term results. It might get you clicks, leads and even a few sales, but it won’t get you long-term transformational results. 

Here's the thing:

Money speaks a powerful language. 

But actually, ego and competition-driven marketing approach is really saying ‘money scarcity speaks a powerful language and we all should be marketing to that.’

I use a totally different approach that invites flow, natural alignment and sincere connection

So... are you in?

Show me how to monetise my story

Join Today

Show How to Monetise my story 


Who this is not for?

Free loaders and complainers. Those who believe they won't need to put in any efforts and the system will just magically give them their desired outcomes.

I am not a coach, will I benefit from it?

This program is designed for entrepreneurs who are in a service based business: coaching, speaking, training, consulting, teaching. Its primary purpose is help influencers clarify and crystallise their story in a compelling message that connects and converts.

Is it a marketing course?

It gives you the breakthrough strategies to build a solid foundation to confidently position yourself on a marketplace in a way that attracts your ideal clients.

What support do you provide?

There is a comprehensive video and supporting resources library you will get access to. You will have to complete assignments and exercises to get the maximum return on your investment.

If you are ready to start attracting your ideal clients through your clear and compelling message, reserve your spot now

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