We are in a stunning but freezing cold Toronto.

It is my second time coming to Canada with my husband.

The first time I came to Toronto in last autumn, and it was absolutely stunning with the fall colours. And I was enjoying exploring the city and its marvellous attractions.

But this time, it is absolutely freezing.. Like minus 20 degrees Celsius. Although I love snow and the proper winter weather, winter in Canada is no fun at all. My initial plan to roam around the city and enjoy the winter wonderland collapsed as soon as we stepped outside of Pearson airport… It was so cold to the degree that it burned the skin of my face…

I’ve never experienced anything like it, even though I grew up in Ukraine, where it snows a lot and gets pretty chilly. Toronto is located next to a massive Lake Ontario, which explains the reason why it feels extra cold.

So, I decided to stay inside, in the warmth and work at the Strategic Coach Training centre, where Christian (my husband’s name) attends his entrepreneurial workshops. The staff there is absolutely amazing. (Christian always says, “Canadians are disgustingly nice people” 🙂

The culture of the organisation is just inspiring: they go above and beyond to add value to people, which shows in every detail: from delicious food to phenomenal customer experience. No wonder, their customers pay top dollar for the privilege to be in the room and they keep coming back.

They even gave me a spare comfortable office so I could work (because I am not part of that entrepreneurial group yet)

As I was working on my own projects, I was applauding an incredible level of commitment to personal growth my husband has to be willing to travel across the world to a freezing cold and pay top dollar…


And then, I realised: you can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t pour from an empty cup. In order to pour into other people’s lives, your cup needs to be full.


My husband is in the personal growth industry himself helping conscious entrepreneurs improve their mindset to help them generate more wealth and freedom, so they could enjoy a better quality life. He also trains coaches to the highest degree all over the world.

I am blessed to be married to a successful entrepreneur who absolutely walks his talk, inspiring me to always grow and develop. He never asks people to go to where he hasn’t been himself. He is the first one to invest in himself, his personal growth and growing his awareness, before he asks his clients to invest in themselves.

A man of integrity! That’s one of the reasons why he is my husband.


With that being said, Christian invests a healthy five figure amount to be a part of a highly successful entrepreneurial group in Toronto, Canada. That commitment requires travelling 4 times a year to Toronto to learn new strategies, systems and ways to liberate yourself from your business by creating more profit and more freedom, but also to be in an environment of like-minded, growth-orientated people.

What extent are you willing go to in order to invest in your personal growth and development?

Enjoying the snowy Toronto from the inside I was thinking: in order to enjoy a beautiful snowflake, you must be willing to step outside in the cold.

Isn’t it the same in life? If you want to grow and become better, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

I want you to think about, what it means to you. Where do you need to step outside of your comfort zone to grow yourself?