What if the self-depreciating myth denying you your dream is nothing but a hoax?

This is for you if:

  • If you find yourself thinking you are not good enough, doubting yourself, dismissing your strengths, struggling with the inadequacy
  • If you feel like, “My proposition is one in a million, who would want to listen to me, work with me and pay me money?”
  • It feels like swimming upstream for you.
  • If you keep comparing yourself with other more successful women, who are happier and it feels like things are just flowing so easily to them and you wonder what’s wrong with you?
  • You lack clarity in your business, your offer, your pricing? You seem overwhelmed and confused with so many options and possibilities?
  • Your current situation is: 'everything is possible, nothing is happening. And it frustrates you and keeps you stuck, You end up procrastinating, lacking concentration and not being productive.
  • You find yourself switching from one activity to the other, because you are not grounded within yourself. 

If any of it resonates with you, I have a solution for you. 

I feel you. This used to be me

Hi, my name is Anna Simpson

I used to be stuck and frustrated unable to move forward no matter how hard I tried.

Even though I was in the USA, having achieved my big and impossible American dream, (coming from deep poverty in Ukraine) I didn’t believed I was good enough to create the business I wanted. 

I had a waitressing job I hated, which was paying my bills but emptying my soul. 

I didn’t believe I was worthy or capable of anything better.

Do you have this feeling, “Who am I to make a difference?”

Deep inside I knew I could be, do, and have more. But how?

I was thinking, “I didn’t come to America to be carrying trays.” My inner spirit was seeking its higher expression, but I was stuck.

It got really bad, I knew I had to make a transition, so I took a plunge and got my coaching and speaker’s certification, but everything seemed so scary and unclear…

The few random clients I would get wasn’t enough to make ends meet, so I had to keep a few working days at the restaurant. 

I was so uncomfortable to share with people what I did ( being a coach). Deep inside, I felt like a fraud. 

I had a nagging feeling, “How can I help others transform their life if I haven’t transformed mine to the degree I wanted?”

The difference between the truth of the woman you are and the myth of the woman you have been is simply knowing how to use your confidence power

Although I felt I was trapped in my life, the truth was -  I was trapped within me. I was paralysed with the painful sense of personal inadequacy. 

I kept looking for the solution, but there were always missing pieces.

Until, through a lot of work, soul-searching and the transformation of my own beliefs, I discovered the Breakthrough Formula, which changed everything for me. 

I have distilled everything I learned and discovered from books, programs, seminars, coaching, and a real life experience in a clear and simple process to help you get:

Crystal Clarity

Understand what's holding you back and use the tools to eliminate the invisible blockers.

Unshakable Certainty

Start acting and attracting in accordance with the woman you are meant to be

Actionable Path

Develop the momentum of taking the right actions that bring the desired results

Which will allow you to transition from stuck to breakthrough to lasting transformation.

You can discover how to change everything in your life if you become aware of the unconscious part of you that controls all your outcomes.

You just need to know how.


What my clients are saying

If you want to break free from the shackles of personal stagnation


  • Hitting dead-end walls
  • Procrastination 
  • Self-sabotage 
  • Self-doubt 
  • Excuses 
  • Feeling overwhelmed 

The Blueprint to Radical Confidence is the Solution

Why do you need to fix your self-image?

  • If you don’t fix your self-image issues, which my Blueprint to Radical Confidence is all about, no matter how hard you will try to transform your life, you will remain stuck. You cannot outperform your self-image. 
  • It is like pressing on a gas pedal with one foot, while the other foot is constantly on a break pedal. The break pedal is your poor self-image and a lack of self-belief.
  • If the poor self-image is left unaddressed, it might lead to further frustration, or even depression or self-hate. 
  • You will never have the courage to create the life of your dreams, because your lower self will always find the way to sabotage any effort and hinder any sustainable progress.
  • With poor self-image, you often feel like a failure, numb and unable to move forward. 
Get the program now

It doesn't have to be this way

  • you can be in control of your life
  • have freedom and be your own boss
  • be able to do what you love and get paid for it consistently
  • be able to make better lifestyle choices
  • operate and create from the place of abundance

Your belief about your capability is the undercurrent behind your thoughts, emotions, actions and results.

The Blueprint will Reveal you How:

  • Get Out of Your Own Way, so you can confidently monetise your purpose while making a difference in your life and in the lives you serve in a very specific way
  • Master Your Inner Game, so you can feel confident by default, not just on good days.
  • Eliminate Your Inner Critic, so you can control your inner voice in a way that serves you and the achievement of your dreams.
  • Achieve Your Inner Certainty, so you can start playing a bigger game without inner self-doubts.
  • Find Your Voice, so you can articulate your value and connect better with those you serve.
  • Translate Your Story into Profit, so you can empower others.
  • Become Self-Reliant and Anchored in Your Feminine Power.

You will get 6 Video Modules

$599 Value

Module 1. Awaken Your Inner Certainty.

The fundamentals of the healthy self-image with its components as the foundation of happiness, success and love. 

Where to start the big transformation? 

You’ll discover one thing to activate your inner power right away. 

You will learn the difference between self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem and how to use each of them to realise your intentions. 

You will get the 5 practical steps to raise your self-esteem to be on your best game.

Module 2. An Unconventional Way to Discover Your Life Purpose.

This module will put to rest your lack of clarity in your business and yourself. 

Your thinking will be stimulated in a way you never considered before. 

A proven way to understand your message that is deeply aligned with your values and dreams. 

The set of unconventional questions that you never even thought about. 

With the clarity in your purpose and a clear sense of identity you will be able to communicate your message and offer with confidence and conviction.

Module 3. Master Your Inner Voice.

You will learn the nature of your negative and positive inner voice, what sponsors the the nature of your inner voice and how to gain control over it. 

How to conquer your inner gremlins that sabotage your best intentions and keep you stuck.

You will learn the role of your fears and a strategy to overcome the intangible blockers. 

You will be challenged to break the habit of being yourself by overcoming your default negative narrative in your own address. 

The surprising truth and a “benefit” of your fears that will assist you in your achievements if you know how to manage them.

A way to tune into your inner voice of power that knows all the answers and solutions to any challenges you might have.  

Module 4. Choose to Dare Greatly.

You will discover my grandmother’s ( a hero woman) greatest advice that will massively accelerate your success. 

The surprisingly simple way to create more meaning and significance in your life that most people don’t know or don’t bother doing.

You will learn what will help you to create momentum to keep going even when it doesn’t feel like it.

You will discover a way to quickly bounce off the minor setbacks and keep your eyes on your dream. 

A simple question that will change the framework of how you perceive temporary challenges.

You will learn what your favourite movies have to teach you about your self-confidence and your hero’s journey. 

Module 5. Own Your Story.

A proven model to uncover your inner limitations that keep you stuck.

You will learn how integrating all the parts of your life is a way to gain control over your life and a way to empower others.

You will discover how by owning your story you can find your own voice that connects with the people you want to serve.

Understand how to eliminate shame and and insecurities that hold you back from living into your potential. 

Understand the truth of what makes you You and how it can hone your marketing message. 

The role of vulnerability and how it can serve you in harnessing your power. So you can Give yourself a permission to stand up and be seen as a woman, and an expert who has a voice.

Module 6.Reprogram Your Mind For Possibility.

You will learn how to align your centres of creation, so you can consciously and intentionally bring the desired outcomes. 

The difference between your thinking and emotional mind and how they can help you or sabotage you. 

How to become aware of the unconscious part within you that creates everything you have or don’t have. 

The reason why you do what you do and despite the best intentions don’t arrive at your desired outcomes.

The formula to change your subconscious programming so you can naturally bring your dreams to life. 

"My confidence was so low that I had to climb up just to get to bottom. Shy, insecure and a people pleaser, my life was dominated by what people thought of me. I spent most of my life afraid of being rejected that I never gave myself the opportunity to be accepted.The timeless, simple truths Anna shares in this program are ones that have helped me grow in my confidence. As a result, my business has grown significantly, and my personal relationships improved. With the help of Anna’s guidance, I have learned to accept, love and be self-compassionate to myself." ~ Monique Pearson, Canada

"I had many insecurities and inner blocks that kept me stuck. With Anna's program I managed to overcome my inner limitations and express myself freely and stop being afraid to do what I want. I know I can and I have started doing it." ~ Diana Golovatic, Moldova

Plus, you will get the bonuses

Value $100

A Free Bonus Masterclass

An Effective Way to Recondition Your Subconscious Mind

Value $80

  • Discover the proven strategy that works wonders. 
  • Goes deep within to transform all the areas of life. 

A Free Masterclass with an Accelerator Worksheet

To Make a Shift from Dreaming to Doing

Value $257

My ground-breaking program that has transformed the lives of women in 6 countries. Inside I reveal my “D.R.E.A.M Formula” – The 5 signature steps to help you bust through limiting beliefs, get laser focused on your goals, and unlock your potential to live the life of your dreams.

  • The simple secret to keep you laser focused on your entrepreneurial goals – ignore this key piece and you’ll quickly be distracted by shiny objects, while your entrepreneurial and life dreams wither on the vine
  • Why embracing the “R” word in my Dream Formula will free you from feeling unworthy of success, lacking in self-belief, or wondering if you have what it takes to succeed in your business
  • How to implement THIS surprisingly quick and easy habit to stop comparisonitis to other people's success in its tracks (skip to 27:19)
  • How to go for what you want, without feeling uncomfortable or afraid: My four-step solution to owning your assertiveness to skyrocket your business results without compromising your feminine values

"Dear Anna, this morning I had a very important thought after watching your masterclass. One of the first things that came up for me when I started watching your video was , I was COMPARING myself to you!!! To how beautiful you are, the professional video, the message and all. And then I listened to the video and tried to watch it from a place of "not knowing", meaning, being a woman that needs this program (THAT was not so easy, because I have lived a life of self growth for over 25 years). Then it hit me! I am comparing my self to you, that means I have a piece of low self-esteem, and wait, no, I can do this TOO!!! The amazing thing was that I OBSERVED my thoughts and feelings and realized what was happening. I was able to identify my old believe patterns and with your tools reframe them. Thank you for helping me realise, there is no competition" ~ Cornelia Steinberg, USA

Total Value:

  • Training Videos ( Total of 16 Lessons) $599
  • Learning Resources (Success Implementation Guide and Workbook) $100
  • Bonus Video Masterclass $80
  • Bonus Masterclass 5 Things a Woman Should Know About Self-Confidence + Accelerator Worksheet $257

Total: $1036

Your Price for a limited time: $1036 Only $199

I am ready to accelerate my results 

Stop spinning wheels and start living the life of your dreams.

The truth is, you are not lacking anything, you are just blocking your creative expression because of invisible barriers.

Whatever your inner blockers are that stop you from igniting the key to your dream life, my program will help you become aware of them and show you the way to overcome them.

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