I have found that people love the idea of a dream, but they don’t like the idea of working on a dream. If you want to realise your dreams and aspirations, you need to trust the law of process and consistency. There are so many people who get inspired by an idea, they take action once or twice, but then they meet obstacles and they quit. They go back to safety, to their comfort zone and to the place of being stuck.

Don’t kill your dream with impatience. Allow the law of process to take place. Go thorough the process of personal growth. There is time required for you to develop and mature yourself, so that what you think, what you say and what you do are in alignment.

You need to learn how to impress your subconscious mind only with the ideas you wish to experience in your reality. You need to develop a healthy self-image, how you see yourself as worthy and what you want is possible for you. Because that’s going to define your behaviour and the results you create.

If you believe in yourself, you always win; because you never stop and you keep trying until you succeed, learning and growing along the way. The more you grow, the more you become aware of your options. The more you can see the opportunities.

Sometimes, in fact, most of the time, those opportunities are right in front of your nose; and they have been there all this time but you were not able to see them.

Inspiration is wonderful. It is that initial spark that ignites the fire within you. But it is not enough. And in order to keep the fire going, you need to keep adding logs. You need to keep taking action; consistent action.

You need to be consistent in what you do on a daily basis; you need to develop successful habits, because success develops day by day, not in a day.

Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’, it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” Dwayne Johnson.

If today you want to be a singer, tomorrow you want to be a dancer, a week later you want to be an artist, you just create chaos in your life. If you have a shiny object syndrome, you will not master any area, and you will not be successful. Choose an area that is in alignment with your vision and your dream, and stick to it; become really good there by taking a consistent daily action and adopting successful habits.

We are creatures of habit. Our mind operates most of the time without our conscious awareness. Our subconscious mind runs up to 95% of our life: not just heartbeat, digestion, breathing, etc., but we also think, act, and respond habitually. 

In order to create a lasting change, we have to change what causes us to act and react in a certain way — our subconscious programming. And you change it by developing successful habits through consistent actions.

When you engage in consistent actions to develop successful habits, you increase momentum, you build new neuro-pathways that guide your behaviour. But it is not an instantaneous transformation. It is a process.

Photo by Vek Labs on Unsplash

Every successful person appreciates the value of consistent action.

When we stop and think about the athletes competing in the Olympics, we see evidence of the process first hand, don’t we? But it’s easy to misunderstand what we are seeing. When we see a world-class champion athlete doing their thing, the first thing that comes to mind is “aren’t they talented?” Often people will make very little acknowledgement of the years of training that goes in to the short performance you see on the world stage.

You don’t win an Olympic Gold medal after a few weeks of intensive training.

A football legend, Lionel Messi, wisely observed,

“It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.”

There is no such thing as an overnight opera sensation.

Some of you might have heard the story of a woman who sat in the audience and watched an expert pianist play a concert. And afterwards she went up to speak to her and said, “I’d give anything to play like you do.” And the pianist looked at her and said: “No, you wouldn’t .. or you already would have. Sure you’d give anything.. except 8 hours of practice for 20 years .. anything apart from that. If you gave what I have given then you would play pretty much as well as I do.. maybe a little less.. maybe a little better.. but pretty much the same.”

How many times we get excited about something, or inspired to start a new life on Monday, or determined to instill a new habit? But then something happens, the reality sets in and people loose the drive and eventually they quit. They are like, “No, it is not going to work.”

Here is the thing: motivation opens the door, discipline and consistency help you to stay there. Motivation helps you start, discipline and consistency help you finish. Motivation helps you to get going, discipline and commitment to process help you growing.

Anyone who has ever learned to play a musical instrument, or play sports, or learn a foreign language, or learn to read or write… they can relate to the importance of the concept of process.

Most people overestimate the importance of events and underestimate the power of process. We want quick fixes.

People don’t want to wait, they want the results here and now.

But life doesn’t work this way.

You don’t read one book and expect to be an expert the next day; you don’t attend one training program and become a great leader overnight.

It takes time, commitment and investment in yourself to get in life where you want to go. It requires process and the choices you make daily that will eventually make you and your life.

I speak 4 languages. But it is not a natural ability or a magic transformation. It is a result of a massive effort and consistent work. If somebody had told me, when I was a little girl, that I would be writing books, speaking in public and teaching in English, I would probably not have believed it right away. But because of my consistent action, the commitment to my dream, and the “magic” of process this is my reality now.

Process encourages people, process matures people, process changes people, and process is difficult. But anything worth having in life is never delivered easily. You have to go through the process of evolution. And what’s waiting for you on the other side is rewarding.

We want the right circumstances and the right time. But the real question is — are we the right person? Success is when preparation meets opportunity.

And the truth is: there are always opportunities no matter where you are. It’s just, a successful person sees opportunity in every challenge, while an average thinker sees challenge in every opportunity. You have to allow time for yourself to grow in your strengths, your thinking, your vision, your capability, so you would be able to see those opportunities and bring them to life.

When we see someone who’s mastered something.. we think.. oh aren’t they lucky.. aren’t they talented.. BUT TALENT IS A SMALL PART OF THEIR MASTERY. It is the process and commitment that beat the talent and opportunity.

There are two types of people: moment people and movement people.

We live in a fast-paced society. A German proverb says, “The American hour for runs 40 minutes”. The majority of people have instant reward expectations. I call these “moment people”. They want results now, right here. They want gratification right away to boost their ego. They refuse to accept the law of process.

With “moment” people, they are never responsible for their life’s misfortunes; they find excuses; they are inconsistent; they are driven by outside events; and they think that life should be easy. Therefore, they are stuck and unhappy in their life.

I encourage you to be a movement person instead: be responsible, give no excuses, be driven by inside forces, understand and consciously use the law of creation, learn to control your own mind. Movement people are easy on themselves when something goes wrong and they trust the process. Through process comes progress.

Movement people don’t hold on to the vision they can handle; they hold on to the vision they are destined for.

Be like that! Don’t stop despite challenges. Don’t ever ask yourself, “how long is it going to take”. Ask instead, “how far can I go.”

Many people get overwhelmed with their big vision, which seems so far away. And they look at the distance between where they are and their dreams, and all they see is the gap. And I know from my own experience: it could frustrating. But instead, measure backwards: look for far you have gone. And you’ll instantly change your state.

I encourage you to enjoy the journey. Be inspired by your big dreams but focus on your next step, which you can take now. Understand the real goals are the actions you need to take each day. And you become confident that each action you take will bring you closer to your aspired dream.

At the end of the day, what really matters is not what you get by achieving your desires and dreams but who you become.