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Are You Feeling Stuck? Anxious that You are Wasting Your Potential and Life is Passing You by?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have the life of your dreams

My mission is to encourage, inspire, and empower women to achieve bold dreams and be more successful in business, life, and love.

I take a stand for the woman who is capable and ambitious, and wants a guiding hand to show her HOW to translate her deep desires into action and positive results.

It can be tempting to think creating a mood board and sitting back to wait for The Universe to manifest what you desire is all you need to do, but the reality is it’s a fast track to disappointment.

But when I show you how to align your dream with a growth mindset, and guided actions you become unstoppable!

Being centred in our feminine power and unapologetic about our success is something the world needs more of, because it’s how we can be the leaders of change for the better…better careers, better relationships, and better impact in the ways that matter to us.

When you’re struggling with the gnawing sense that life is something which is happening to you, rather than something you’re creating on your own terms, it can be a crushing realisation.

On the outside it might look like you have things figured out, but inside you know you have the potential for so much more.

Like an itch which demands to be scratched, you’re hungry to create a better life.

You can’t ignore it for a moment longer, and why should you? You deserve to have bold dreams and to aspire to achieve them, but like the caterpillar trapped in its chrysalis, you don’t know how to break out and give wings to your desires.

Where should you start? What should you do?

I understand how incredibly frustrating it is to feel stuck like this, because that used to be me.

The voice in your head which whispers ‘ Are you good enough? Do you have what it takes to even try to change anything? Is it possible for you?’ leaves you feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Perhaps, you are held by fears of lack of self-belief or the feeling that failure will crush you? 

You might be looking at other women and . be sidetracked by their success that seems so easy. And you begin to wonder why it is difficult for you?

So how can you get unstuck? Should you suck it up and hope the feeling will pass? How can you take positive steps to get what you want, increase your business profits,  create financial freedom, and improve your personal relationships– without exploding your whole life in the process?

You, dear friend, have everything you need within you to own your feminine power and step up to achieve your dreams. You just need to know how.

You can have success, love and happiness as long as you belive in yourself and your capabilities.


  • You’re hungry for change, and passionate to be, do, and have more
  • You’re curious and willing to learn and grow, and open to guidance on how to make it happen
  • You understand that commitment and action is the fuel to make your dreams come true
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and embrace the opportunity to step into your success

From Struggle to Success

Just a few short years ago I was struggling with feeling stuck, and I knew with my whole heart that I wanted more – I just had to figure out how to achieve it.

From day one the odds were stacked against me.

I grew up in a poor but loving family in small-town Ukraine, and striving for bold dreams was not something my parents encouraged because it was so far beyond the realms of their experience.

But I was determined to take charge of my own destiny and I had a dream to move to America.

I moved mountains to nurture that seed of self-belief as a young girl and do what I could to save up enough money and get my visa; and at the age of 21 I landed in the USA, all alone to follow my dreams.

That was just the start.

The land of opportunities was within my grasp, but the road to success lay paved with hard work and long hours of customer service jobs, the challenge of learning a new language from scratch, and the loneliness of forging my path without any help or support from family and friends.

I knew that these pay-the-rent jobs would never satisfy me emotionally, and I quickly developed an insatiable appetite for personal growth, expanding my mind, and learning everything I could about the psychology of success.

I devoured books, attended seminars, and gradually was able to surround myself more and more with people who had a can-do attitude. I was laser focused on investing my time, energy and money into my personal growth because I understood that this was how I would step fully into my life’s purpose.

And now?

I’m a member of the John Maxwell team (a global organization of leaders), living my life-long dream of being a transformational coach, inspirational speaker, and published author, and I’m married to my soul-mate and true love. My husband and I travel around the world for work and pleasure. We have homes in two beautiful parts of the world in the outstanding natural beauty. 

What is the Secret to Success, Love and Personal Fulfillment?

You need to develop the unshakable confidence in yourself, your capabilities and your unconditional worth

I believe every woman deserves to live to her full potential. 

It is ok to unapologetically want more. 

After all, why should you dim your light for fear of other people judging how brightly you shine?

You get one life and you owe it to yourself to seize your dreams.

Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled in your business because it doesn’t generate the level of freedom and prosperity you once hoped for? Maybe you want to be happier in your personal life and relationships?

Unlocking the confidence which already lies within you is the key to growing emotionally, spiritually and financially, so you can achieve the successes you long for.


  Having the inner-strength to give voice to your bold dreams, and the self-belief to do what it takes to achieve them – to become the unstoppable woman I know you can be

Harnessing your hunger for change with a crystal clear focus on your goals, so you’re overflowing with motivation to take action for the better life you deserve

Having the resilience and persistence to not let fear of failure stop you, so nothing knocks you off your game

Knowing that taking personal responsibility for the life you create opens up a wealth of exciting new opportunities – and you’re finally ready to take advantage of them

Who you learn from matters as much, if not more, as what you learn. 

I know what it is like to feel stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled. I know what it is like to have big and “impossible” dreams.

I was born and raised in a small Ukrainian town and a poor family. Our parents didn’t have two pennies to rub together. Sometimes, we didn’t have enough money to buy food.

Despite the extreme hardship of my environment, I had a crazy dream that everyone around me constantly told me was impossible. I dreamt of a life of abundance in the United States of America. To the people of my town, and nearly all of my family, it was like declaring I was off to Mars, the child with the childish fantasy.

No one believed I could make it happen. No one gave my dream the time of day. But I made it my reality.  Or course it wasn’t easy, and yes, of course, there were times when I doubted my own sanity. When the conditions and circumstances of your life are a million miles from the reality you want for your life, and everyone is telling you how impossible and ridiculous the idea is, inevitably you’re full of doubt, worry and fear at times.

The journey was hard and challenging. There were a lot of struggles and obstacles, and yet I managed to realise my big and impossible dream.

Today I’m an American citizen. I’ve married with the man of my dreams, and we live in homes in areas of outstanding natural beauty in two very different parts of the world. We travel for business and pleasure, I love what I do, and I’m paid exceptionally well for it. I’m immensely grateful for it, however it’s not come without a price. Nothing in life does.

There’s been some tough lessons. And from those lessons I’ve drawn the insights and methods I’m about to share with you. So this isn’t theory plucked from a self-help book. These proven ideas have been lived into. They’re used goods.

Who you learn from matter as much, if not more, than what you learn: and without wishing to sound conceited in anyway, I know what it takes to bring our wildest dreams to reality, to resist external circumstances and the opinion of negative naysayers, how to get unstuck, and how to turn every obstacle into an opportunity.

Here’s the first thing you need to know: there are patterns, commonalities and most people usually miss them. I did, until they were revealed to me – and I’ll be revealing them in the step by step roadmap to bring the clarity, confidence and life your deserve.

International Motivational Speaker

Inspirational Author 

Confidence Coach

The Creator of transformational programs for women to help them transform their self-image, self-belief and create the life of their dreams

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