How to Really Accelerate Results?

Why Working Hard is not enough?

Do you ever think...

you should be much further down the road in terms of your success and progress?

I've felt this way. Many times. Worst still, I couldn't grasp what I was doing wrong. I worked so hard… yet more often than not it felt like I was either stagnating or going backwards. 

One step forward, two back kind-a-thing.

I was frustrated. I saw opportunities to grow and seized them. I was learning, reading books, attending seminars… but I wasn't seeing change. Not the kind I wanted anyway.

I was stuck. 

I can live with being stuck… for a while. It's part of life. We all get stuck. 

But when you're stuck - and stuck sticks around too long… and worse still you can't see a way out, it's almost soul-destroying.

What I lacked was clarity.

I couldn't persuasively communicate what exactly I was doing and how I could help people with my inspirational message.

And when you're in that place, it's an open house invitation for self-doubt and the "Who do you think you are?" imposter syndrome questioning your worthiness of the road you've chosen to travel.  

Did I really show up at my best...?

Hor was I convincing myself I showed up at my best? 

Truth be known, it was far more of the latter.  Self-delusion is so convenient when you're lost. 

Some days I didn't even get out of bed until 10am - convincing myself I was tired when the truth of the matter was I'd lost my "mojo" and wasn't motivated to do what I knew I should be doing to move my business along.

I'd got a few coaching clients. How I'd got them felt more like a stroke of luck than the results of any effort I made.

I knew something substantial was missing… but I didn't know what it was, and few forms of frustration are worse than when you know you don't know, but you don't know what it is you don't know.

Thing is, I'd been given the answer. In many of the books, the seminars, it was right under my nose…

… but it wasn't registering.

What is an Inner Circle?

I'd read and heard how the "right circle of support" was crucial to success. As far as I was concerned, I'd got that taken care of - and some.

I wasn't short of close, supportive friends. I had no idea the "right circle of support" meant something entirely different.

I didn't lack friendship… I lacked being around people who'd push, challenge and stretch me, who'd help me see the error in my ways in terms of how I was going about my business.

It wasn't the only thing I lacked. I lacked the understanding that when you're running a one-woman show, you can't see the big picture of what's going on, what's getting in your way, how you're sabotaging your own success… all you know is whatever you're doing, it's not working. 

For all my books…

… for all the seminars, conferences and courses I attended…

… I didn't have the safe yet challenging, nurturing yet enriching circle of fellow women to remove the proverbial blindfold so I could deal, confidently, with what was getting in MY way.   

How is it different?

It's this experience…

… an experience that never left me - because it represents one of the most telling turning points of my life

… that compelled me to create Empowered Women Inner Circle (EWIC).

Shaped by everything I was missing… and enhanced by the experience of bringing it to the lives of like-minded women facing the similar challenges to those I faced, Empowered Women Inner Circle is a unique environment in which woman can dig deep, flourish, thrive and brings their unexpressed talent to life.

This is no coffee-morning chat or walk in the park, however. 

Yes, it's the most supportive environment a woman can be a woman in. It couldn't possibly work if it wasn't. Yet despite its unique, nurturing ethos, this is no place to hide. 

On the contrary, it's because of that unique, nurturing culture members are willing to open up and face what's denying them the success they deserve not just in business, but in their primary and intimate relationships, their health, their finances, and yes, even their spiritual life.

I know it's a cliché, but it's nonetheless true: Empowered Women Inner Circle is such a close-knit community it is like family.

Even so, it is not for every woman.

To protect what makes Empowered Women Inner Circle such a unique experience in the lives of the women who experience it, I have to be very selective as to whom I grant membership to.

Not every woman wants to give as much as she receives. Not every woman wants to contribute to the lives and success of others as the women of Empowered Women Inner Circle do.

And not every woman is ready to empower her own life by being vulnerable, setting the example by which her fellow woman can be vulnerable to…

… because the truth I couldn't see… no the truth I couldn't face when I was getting in my own way…

… was that it's only in our vulnerability we can find our power.

This message is for the woman who is ready to be vulnerable in the only place she can be. Don't misunderstand me, we inspire, we elevate, we evolve and we grow together in Empowered Women Inner Circle…

…  but we don't do it a superficial level.

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About Anna Simpson

I am a clarity and confidence strategist. I take coaches on a self-creation process to help them discover their unique voice, articulate their transformational message and equip them with the tools and resources to monetise their story, building soul and heart-aligned business they love. 

In my line of work, I teach my breakthrough formula to gain crystal clarity in your unique voice that reflects your values, passion and expertise and perfectly blends with a massive need on the market.

Overcoming major life difficulties of poverty in a Ukrainian village to building a dream life in the USA on her own, and now running a global coaching business with my husband, my mission is to inspire, empower and equip people to shine in their power.