From 'I'm stuck' to

'I'm shining in my power'

What some of my wonderful clients have to say about my impact on their business

Anna has been the secret to my success! Without her coaching, I would still be wandering down a road stopping at every exit to look around, but never making it to where I knew I wanted to go.  

Prior to working with Anna, I had launched my business, but my focus was in all the wrong places with no clarity on who and what my business served.  After several months of wandering in many different directions and feeling very frustrated, I knew that I could not continue going down the road that I was on.  

I was spending money and time on what I thought would be the magic formula to get clients, which only led to frustration and desperation.  However; after working with Anna, I was able to gain clarity on who I served and what my business was.  

This has resulted in a complete 180 in my confidence and the success of my business.  I owe this change to Anna's coaching and encouragement and will forever be grateful for this process.  If you are looking for the best investment for your company, invest in yourself with Anna's coaching.  You will not be disappointed!

~ Kendra Clark, California, USA

"When it comes to coaching specialists, there are loads of coaches that talk a good game, but Anna truly helped me make it happen. 

Her wisdom is beyond her years and the deep thought provoking method of coaching she is using enabled me to see what I couldn't notice about myself on my own. 

She has helped to transform me into a woman that has the confidence to pursue the life of my dreams.

She was very passionate about my vision and very determined to help me get out of my own way to embrace the beautiful future that was waiting for me there all along.

She taught me that I can have anything I am willing to become...

Forever grateful.

~ Magda Piekarz, Florida, USA

I gained so much growth from having Anna as my coach. She had the ability to not only listen to what I was saying but also to draw out of me what I was thinking when I was unaware of my thoughts. One of my goals was to build my business and she helped me to gain clarity about how I could move forward in that. One key thing I recognized was that I was holding me back! And that awareness empowered me to move forward!

While working with Anna, I was also able to break through limiting beliefs regarding money and my worth as a woman. What I loved about Anna was that she was intuitive about when we could laugh together (and we did) and when I needed a gentler approach. I’m so grateful for the time we had together- for her consistent compassionate care. Anna Simpson is the real deal.

Ann Visser, Canada

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