Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Coaching Business? Afraid that Your Message doesn’t have any Value?

With the right tools and resources you can become a PROMINENT TRANSFORMATIONAL INFLUENCER

What is it that makes certain women simply shine in their power? Enjoy the freedom of a successful soul-aligned business and creating a significant impact in other people’s lives?

I am about to reveal to you what is standing in the way to your freedom and fulfilment in your business and how to fix it fast

My mission is to encourage, inspire, and empower women to create a successful coaching business to achieve their dreams and empower them to help others.

I take a stand for the woman who is capable and ambitious, and wants a guiding hand to show her HOW to translate her deep desires into action and positive results.

It can be tempting to think creating a mood board and sitting back to wait for The Universe to manifest what you desire is all you need to do, but the reality is it’s a fast track to disappointment.

But when I show you how to create your dream coaching business with the right tools, the right  mindset, and a proven roadmap you become unstoppable!

Being centred in our feminine power and unapologetic about our success is something the world needs more of, because it’s how we can be the leaders of change for the better…better careers, better relationships, and better impact in the ways that matter to us.

You have your dream to bring a positive impact to the world for a reason. 

You are fully resourced to make it happen. You just need the right strategy and the right guidance. 

You have everything you need within you to own your feminine power and step up to achieve your dreams and influence others.

You just need to know how.

The World Needs to Hear Your Voice. 


  • You’re hungry for change, and passionate to be, do, and have more, impacting others.
  • You’re curious and willing to learn and grow, and open to guidance on how to make it happen.
  • You understand you need the proven system to stand out on a saturated market place
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and embrace the opportunity to step into your success

From Stuck and Frustrated to Purpose-Driven Life

Most people know me as a confidence and clarity strategist for female coaches and speakers struggling to get their business off the ground. I help them gain confidence and clarity in their message, reflecting their purpose, passion, expertise and a unique voice so that they can become an influencer in their field.

What you may not know about me is that I was stuck in my coaching and speaking business because of lack of clarity in my message and a lack of confidence in my abilities.

Being born in poverty in a small Ukrainian town, being emotionally abused by my teachers who  were telling me I was dumb and stupid, not feeling worthy, I had a big dream to change my life to live it on my own terms.

I wanted to create a dream life in America, which was a million miles away from me. Literally.

Through many challenges and obstacles but most importantly battling with myself and my own limitations, I did come to the USA on my own to build a life from scratch, which was only the beginning of all the challenges I had to overcome.

I was scraping for money, dealing with all sorts of visible and invisible enemies. I had to learn so many survival lessons on how to make it on my own in a different country on a different continent with a different culture and a different language.

Although, I was in the land of opportunities, none of those opportunities were handed to me. I had to work my tail off at jobs that were emptying my soul. My inner spirit was seeking a higher expression, but I didn’t know how to live into my true potential.

What was the Catalyst of Change For Me?

(And how it can help you make a breakthrough?)

All I knew was that I wanted to inspire people to pursue their dreams like I did.

I lacked clarity and a belief in myself and my abilities. I was playing small hiding behind the negative self-limiting programs that I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t have anything of value to offer. Who am I, I was thinking, to help others? I kept comparing myself to others more successful, feeling miserable.

I was fed up and frustrated but I remained stuck.

Until, one night, I was working at a restaurant, hating my job, I was thinking, “I am here in the land of opportunities, working just as hard as I was in Ukraine, in the land of no opportunities.”

I looked at Rosemary, my coworker, who was born in America, but she was working just as hard as me. And she had nothing, the same as me.

And then, it hit me. It is not about being around opportunities. It is about being able to see and seize those opportunities. And that requires confidence, courage and clarity, so you can step up and jump building your wings on the way down.

I didn’t want to end up like Rosemary just being a server. I had a dream of becoming a person of influence. So, that night, I stepped up from being a server in a restaurant to become a server of the world.

I got my coaching certification and I started speaking publicly, sharing my story from poverty to opportunities anywhere they would have me.

I was calling myself a motivational speaker and would speak almost every week at all sorts of speaking clubs and networking events. I was getting compliments for my speeches. But I wasn’t getting paid, which was a major source of my frustration.

I was winning speaking awards and contests, but I was broke. I was too generic in my message and deep inside I didn’t believe I was good enough for people to pay for my expertise

Until I figured out what I needed to change in my approach to make money in the coaching and speaking industry. The change didn’t happen overnight, but in the process of becoming that person I have always dreamed about, I have figured out the breakthrough formula to give me clarity and confidence to build the business I love while transforming other women’s lives.

You deserve to become a transformational influencer

and a sought-after expert in your field. 

If you want to rise above average, enjoying the freedom and fulfilment of your heart-centred business, you need to get the fundamentals right, and most coaches are not aware how

You Need

Who you learn from matters as much, if not more, as what you learn. 

  • If you are a purpose and passion-driven female coach, speaker or trainer, who isn’t making enough sales and cannot attract or convert clients.

  • If you are not making enough money in your business, which not only frustrates you but lowers your self-confidence.

  • Instead of PayPal or Stripe Notifications you get cricket sounds despite your blood, sweat and tears.

  • You might have tried the latest and hottest tools and tactics, like funnels, webinars, podcasts… without any tangible results.

  • You might be constantly posting on social media  in various groups without any traction. Although you pour your heart and soul to blogging, you have a slight suspicion no-one is reading or watching it.

  • You are busy to the point of being overwhelmed, and you spend more money than you earn.

  • As a result, you begin to doubt and question yourself and your offer, thinking what’s wrong with you, especially when you see others that “seemingly” do the same thing are making it happen.

The reason your business is stuck is not because your offer has no value.

It is not because you are not good enough.

It is simply because, you haven’t figured out how to craft the message that sells, so you can position it in front of the right people who are hungry to buy from you.

I take women on a self-creation process help them discover their unique voice in order for them to confidently share their message with the people they want to serve.

I have created the breakthrough formula to help you gain crystal clarity in your unique voice that reflects your values and passions and perfectly blends with a massive need on the market place.

International Motivational Speaker

There is so much opportunity if you know how to stand out on a saturated information market place.

You can stop the hassle if you nail one thing that will make all your marketing efforts finally pay off.

Stop being unclear, confusing, and doubtful trying to connect and convert your favourite clients.

Stop sounding like everyone else and start creating a remarkable influence, enjoying freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance.

Inspirational Author 

Confidence and Clarity Coach

The Creator of transformational programs for women to help them transform their self-image, self-belief and create the life of their dreams

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