From Stuck to Breakthrough to Lasting Transformation.

Take your coaching business from drift to exponential growth by discovering how to position Your Iconic Self

What makes me different and how I can help?

Hi, my name is Anna Simpson. Coming from poverty in Ukraine to the USA and building the life of my dreams on my own, overcoming multiple challenges I wanted to inspire people with my message when I discovered my passion for public speaking. 

I called myself a motivational speaker, sharing my story from poverty to opportunities anywhere they would have me. 

I was getting compliments for my speeches. But I wasn’t getting paid, which was a major source of my frustration.

I was winning speaking awards and contests, I was doing a lot of free coaching, and I was broke. I lacked courage and capability to monetise my message, and deep inside I didn’t believe I was good enough for people to pay for my expertise. I wasn’t clear on the direction I was taking my business, which was more like an expensive hobby.

Until I figured what I needed to change in my approach to make a significant impact, and substantial income became a natural consequence. The change didn’t happen overnight, but in the process of becoming that person I have always dreamed about, I have figured out the breakthrough formula to give me clarity and confidence to build the business I love while transforming other women’s lives by equipping them to reach an iconic level of influence.

A few other random facts about me...


What brings me joy apart from cat’s purring, genuine laughter, and precious moments with my loved ones is hearing my clients say “I can do it” and watching them create magic. My clients literally say, "Wow! This makes me feel powerful, being able to live my iconic self."


I don't trust people who don't love animals. Animals are a great reminder of what we have forgotten about ourselves.


I am a recovering perfectionist. After battling with the inner demons "who is going to listen to your broken English", I have published my book "Create the Life You Dream About", inspiring women to gain courage in monetising their story from more than 20 countries.

Oh, and I shared the stage with some of the giants in the personal growth and marketing space.


“I woke up at 3am and started reading your book, hoping it will relax me and I will fall back asleep. But I couldn’t put it down till I finished it in the morning. While reading your book I frequently got up walking around because your words stimulated me with such an energy to think that I simply couldn't stay in bed but had to move.

Then I stopped walking to take out my IPad and started to file the ideas that your words awoke in me. Then I went back to your book and restarting this cycle of reading-walking- taking notes over and over again through the night. You inspired me to believe that our minds truly have creative power and you gave me the tools how to use it.

Your book with so much of yourself in it, your thoughts, your struggles, your physical and mental growth journey was energising me. I could catch something from your mind. It was a lightening source of new ideas and thoughts I can build on for my personal growing and my purpose in life. Thank you so much for sharing with me, Anna." ~ Jessica Hazewinke, Italy

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