So You Sell Air?

Or how to package your coaching service in a way that will make People Buy From you.

What is it exactly that you do?

Asked my uncle in Ukraine. After 15 min explanation, he looked at me suspiciously and concluded, “So, you sell air."

Oh dear…  I mean, we are talking about Ukraine, where information marketing is a relatively new concept, and it is unheard of in small villages.

Technically yes, I do sell air that allows people I work with to breeze freely in life without hassle, worry and fears.I do show them how to get oxygen in the lungs of their business and life. If that sounds too poetic, here is a more tangible explanation.

I help new coaches and speakers define their message, which represents their passion, vision and purpose and has a significant market value. However, coaching and information products is like trying to sell air. It is the fastest growing industry, but it is still new.

It is an easy and a hard sell at the same time.

    Here is why it is hard.   

  • Coaching is not a necessity. It is not on top of the shopping list for most people.
  • Coaching is not covered with medical insurance. While every person can absolutely enhance  their life with coaching, it is not seen this way yet. Therefore, coaching is not something a person needs. They must want it before they buy it.
  • Coaching is a luxury. It is kind of like an expensive perfume. You don’t really need it to survive, but if you love the smell and it makes you feel good, you find the money. It is the same with coaching and info services.
  • Coaching becomes easy to sell if you know how to position it in the right way.  You must persuade your customer that your product or service will absolutely change their life. There is a subtle art and a precise science to the power of persuasion to make your offer an absolute must have.

Where does it begin?

Crystal clarity in what it is you sell and who would be interested in buying it. But what brings clarity?

You must take an intangible concept of coaching and position it in an irresistible way, in a way that will make people hungry for your offer. Because it speaks to them at a deep emotional level.

Are You Waffling?

Has it ever happened to you, when asked about what you do, you begin to waffle?

"I help growth-orientated, um, individuals, anyone really, take it to the next level. You know, uh get unstuck, and live um the best life.. I have great tools, and worksheets and, um, resources to empower you..”  

By the time you finish, the person on the other side deeply regrets asking. 

I was at a personal growth event about 9 years ago. It was the time when I got hooked on the personal development drug. It is the healthiest drug on earth that I recommend to everybody.

One of the objectives of attending that event was to build some connections and get clients. I was talking to some women about the importance of personal growth and she asked me what I did.

I felt that moment of excitement of an expressed interest.

Maybe, she could be my client.

So I started passionately talking about the transformational power of coaching and changing your beliefs, and improving your mindset, and believing in yourself, and setting goals, and having positive attitude to life….

To which one of them just said, “Oh, Great. That’s wonderful!”

And then they walked off..

You know that sour taste in your mouth, when you start kicking yourself, questioning your abilities and ultimately thinking, “you are never going to make it in this world of business”

Self-doubt and impostor syndrome engulfs you.

It wasn’t just one time incident, when I was talking to a potential client and it didn’t end with a sale. 

Apart from “great stuff”, or “good for you”, or “that’s interesting” I wasn’t getting any business.

Occasionally, I would land a random client, but it wasn’t consistent and I would still have to keep my day job at a restaurant. 

Later I thought more about it, and tried to pinpoint what I was doing wrong. 

There is  huge need on the market.  I mean everybody needs coaching, right? The problem was definitely in me and my thinking, or more precisely presenting.  I was just waffling, talking about everything but communicating nothing.

In my mind, I was perfectly clear, however, the way I was articulating the benefits of coaching was too convoluted. It wasn’t compelling enough and it wasn’t really resonating with people.

I lacked clarity in my message. What was it I was trying to sell? I didn’t make it clear. That was the reason of my perpetual struggle, frustration and self-doubts.

If you cannot clearly communicate what your coaching service brings in a way people understand and want to buy from you, you are doomed for struggle. 

It is not just when you are having face to face conversations, it is also when you are writing a blog, a podcast, an email, a presentation. Clarity is the king. 

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What do you need to stop?

I am going to be very honest with you here. 

Stop helping people tap and live into their potential! 

Wait, what?! 

"What are you saying? That’s the magnitude of my transformational impact on people’s lives. Thats what I do…" You might be thinking. 

Oh yeah?! 

Then how many potential clients of yours are lining up, so you can help them “awaken and step into their potential”?

I can almost guarantee you, if your message sounds like an airy fairy kind of promise (aka tap your potential) without explaining tangible and revealing the intangible value it will bring to people’s lives, you won't get a chance to demonstrate your transformational impact.  

You see, “tap your potential”, “step into your power”, “live your best life”, etc are done to death concepts. They produce "rolling of eyes" kind of reactions…

They do not communicate anything specific. 

Living to your full potential could mean 5271 different things…

  • Is it losing those 10 pounds and getting rid of a muffin top, so you can feel like yourself again and have motivation and energy to do great things?
  • Is it finding a beloved partner and feathering your nest full of love and happiness?
  • Is it opening a bakery so you can share with people your best-kept secret family recipes of the most delicious pastries?
  • Is it quitting that detestable job with a narcissistic boss that never appreciates your contribution no matter what you do? 
  • Is it writing that book sharing an incredible story of overcoming hardships to instil people with hope?
  • Is it picking highly paid career best suited for you to demonstrate your skills and talents?
  • Is it opening a charity to be able to build schools in Africa? 

What does it mean for your audience?

Just stop using fluffy and poorly defined concepts like “live your best life” (that don’t mean anything), if you want your message and promise to resonate with people who are ready to pay you money, you need to show them how exactly you can help them transform their life. 

It all comes down to how you articulate and express your message. 

If you do it right, you will help people expand their potential in a way they never thought was possible.

About the Anna Simpson

I am a clarity and confidence strategist. I take coaches on a self-creation process to help them discover their unique voice, articulate their transformational message and equip them with the tools and resources to monetise their story, building soul and heart-aligned business they love. 

In my line of work, I teach my breakthrough formula to gain crystal clarity in your unique voice that reflects your values, passion and expertise and perfectly blends with a massive need on the market.

Overcoming major life difficulties of poverty in a Ukrainian village to building a dream life in the USA on her own, and now running a global coaching business with my husband, my mission is to inspire, empower and equip people to shine in their power.